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The Diamond Demon is one of our best selling smaller kits and a really great flyer. It makes an ideal 'lob and chase' model that climbs gently away then settles into a nice turn so (hopefully) will not fly away and is an ideal introduction to free flight if you've not tried f/f yourself.

The Diamond Demon shown in the picture is my own model and as you can see it was at that time a radio model and would happily fly on a Mills .75 diesel.  An interesting Ben Buckle trivia fact is that the engine shown (which is still in the model now) was the very first Irvine replica Mills 75 going back to the mid 80's when they were first produced and also when we intorduced the Diamond Demon to compliment it as Irvine Engines were then the UK distributor for BB kits. At that time Mike Callaghan and Ben hand assembled one motor (the one in the picture) from parts bins at the factory and Ben took it home and it would not run !  Alarm and panic followed and Ben took it back to the factory where one of the assemblers assembled it the right way round and it burst into life to huge sighs of relief from Mike and Ron ! The engine still burbbles away nicely and flys regularly.

Some years ago I actually took the radio gear out of the model and pinned the rudder and elev. in place and flew it free flight up at the Nationals where it flew very well and has stayed as a free flighter ever since.

So the Diamond Demon can be flown either R/C or F/F. If it is flown radio be sure not to 'over fly' it, just use the radio to stop it flying away !

The Diamond Demon kit contains pre cut wing ribs, tip shapes, ply formers, strip and sheet balsa, full size plans, U/C wire, glazing material, and simple hardware package. Everything needed to build the basic airframe of the model.

 Span 48" (1220 mm)
Engine Size  0.75 to 1.5 cc or similar
Radio Free Flight or simple R/C


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