Fifteen Foot Buccaneer Plan


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Ben Buckle 1982Wingspan 15 feet
Engines:Large Petrol Motor

A VERY large model, not to be undertaken lightly but sure draws a crowd at the fly in!! The first 2 pictures are of the full size plan and show a 3' by 4" balsa block to give some idea just how BIG it is!

The Fifteen Foot Buccaneer was an idea that evolved between Ben Buckle and one of his model making freinds circa 1982, from memory this was a Mr Refern from York in the United Kingdom.
The sheer size if the wings fuselage and tailplane means that some parts of the plan are on seperate sheets which means the sheets themselves need to be joined to show the complete part of the model. Some parts of the model are shown only in outline and the material sizes and types will be the choice of the induvidual builder.
Careful consideration must be given to all aspects of the build. The motor mounting, wing joining and wing and tail attatchment and undercarriage mounting will need to be decided by the builder.
Consideration must also be given to where the model is flown and how it will be transported.
Local flying conditions must be fully investigated as must insurance cover.
I have personally seen 2 examples of the Fifteen Foot Buccaneer actually flying and it flys very much like any other vintage or Old Timer design. It is simply very much bigger than 'normal' models !
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