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Sid KingĀ 1975Wingspan 50"
Engines: .10 2 stroke

The Novice is one of the best radio models on our list. It originates from Sid King's 'Cotswold Miss' a model that Sid designed to teach his daughter to fly on in the early 1970's.

This is the all built up mark 1 version and is simple to build and great fun to fly and very versatile. Having a flat bottom wing section it can be flown in windy weather and is equally as happy on a calm summer evening. It can also be flown as a slope soarer - just take the prop off and lob !

Personally I have 3 Novices. The first one was flown and flown and flown until it had to be retired to the loft, somewhat oil soaked and showing some honourable battle scars. My second one was built by me and Chris ( shown in pic) and is still in service and the 3rd was one built by A N Other and I bought this one at a swap meet ages ago. This one is a pure sloper and has had the engine bay replaced by block balsa. I very nearly lost this in some stonking lift over Selsley and was most pleased to see it back on the grass with the Tx meter well into the orange!

The plan is the same plan as in the kit and can be built from easily.

Plan Condition *****
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