Our aeromodel kits range in size from the 32" span Slicker Mite and Southerner Mite to the Falcon with a wing span of 8'. Throughout the range we have kits designed for use with 2, 3 or 4 channel radio control and some Free Flight models that don't require radio at all, just some careful trim settings and not too much fuel. Some of our larger models like the Majestic Major were specifically designed, or can easily be adapted, to carry cameras for aerial photography. Being from an age when speed wasn't everything the models such as the Junior 60 and the Super 60 make an excellent introduction to model aircraft flying, their slow and stable flight qualities making them easy to fly, while still offering enough performance to keep the interest of the more experienced flier. Also featured in the range are models such as the Fokker DVIII and the Elf Biplane that hark back to the pioneering days of flight. With so many models to choose from there will be something to provide everyone with many happy relaxed hours of enjoyment and fun both in the building and flying of these aircraft of years gone by.